US Type 7.62mm "30 Cal" Ammo Box M19A1 (Pack of 6 or 12)

Product code: Y07
Pack Price - £30.00
Pack of six 30 cal steel ammo boxes - £5.00 each

Item specific information

Wholesale 30 cal (7.62mm) ammo box from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Military Wholesaler.

Condition Grade 1
Pack 6
Size 28cm x 18cm x 9.7cm - M19A1 US specification - slightly larger than the UK "30 cal" 
Description Genuine "30 Calibre" 7.62mm ammo boxes
Water-tight rubber seal.
Lid comes fully off.
Please note that markings, colours and stickers will vary dependent on the nation or field of operation. Italian and English are the most likely styles.
Some very slight surface rust may be evident.

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Condition Used
Product Code Y07
Weight 14kg