UK Specification 7.62mm "Small 30 Cal" Ammo Box in Serviceable condition (Pack of 6)

Product code: Y07-S
Pack Price - £21.00
Pack of six 30 cal steel ammo boxes - £3.50 each

Item specific information

Wholesale "30 cal" ammo box from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Military Wholesaler.

Condition Serviceable 
Pack 6
Size 28cm x 18cm x 8.3cm SV479A 7.62 UK specification box - also stamped with H84MK1 and is therefore slightly smaller than the US type "30 cal" box.
Description Genuine "30 Calibre" ammo boxes in smaller width size.
Water-tight rubber seal.
Lid comes fully off.
Colours, labels and stickers will vary. Also nationality of origin will vary possibly from that shown in photographs.

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Condition Used
Product Code Y07-S
Weight 20kg