Swedish Army Field Oven

Product code: Z90
Pack Price - £240.00
Field kitchen oven – £240 each

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Wholesale Swedish Army Field Oven from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Military Wholesaler.
Condition Used – fully serviceable
Pack 1
Size 2.75m high x 0.6m wide x 1.05m deep – base is 1.3m high and the stack adds another 1.45m
Description Large, extremely durable field oven from the Swedish Army complete with detachable chimney.
This field stove has a fully detachable lid with 2 separate detachable hot plates.
2 inner compartments, 1 closer to the fire for simple temperature management.
The heat from the oven is shielded by a second outer metal skin approximately 1 inch from the main oven unit.
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Product Code Z90
Weight 180kg