Dutch Luxottica (Ray-Ban) Clip On Sunglasses

Product code: Z103B
Pack Price - £25.00
Ten pairs in assorted sizes - £2.50 each

Item specific information

Wholesale clip-on sun glasses from GI Surplus, Army and Military Surplus Wholesalers.
Condition New
Pack size 10
Description Brand New military clip-on sun glass lenses manufactured by Luxottica, the company behind some of the largest brands in the luxury eyewear industry including Ray-Ban and Oakley. These protective lenses clip on to a multitude of frames (see picture 3) allowing the user to wear their usual prescription lenses in bright sunlight.
These sunglasses have impact resistant lenses and come complete with a protective carry case. We provide just the clip on shades not the leather cases.

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Code Z103B
Weight 1kg