British Military Heat Shield/Sun Screen (Single)

British Military Heat Shield/Sun Screen (Single)

Product code: Z120
Pack Price - £125.00
Heat reflective canopy only – £125

Item specific information

Wholesale large fabric sun shield from GI Surplus, Army and Military Wholesale Surplus.
Condition New
Pack size Single
Size 11 x 10m (fits over 18ft x 24ft tent)
Weight 45kg approximately – dispatched on a pallet, which will weigh possibly 20kg more.
Description Large fabric sun shield manufactured to be placed over the top of a large tent/marquee.
Made with heat- and light-reflective material, reducing the internally radiated heat by up to 30%
Can also be suspended by chords to make a large 11m x 10m area of shade.
Important Sunscreen Only! Frame used for photographic purposes only.

Selected pack's details and total weight

Product Code Z120
Weight 150kg