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Wholesale government surplus

Genuine military surplus clothing, boots, and equipment

Military surplus boots

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Our clothing selection

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Recently Added

Shirts in boxes on pallet - 470 shirts approximately

Pack of 50 - £0.75 each

Pack of 5 - (£10 each)

Pack of 10 - (£2.25 each bottle)

Pack of 5 - (£25 each pair)

Un-issued Condition

Pack of 10 – £15 per bag

Pallet crate of approximately 175 in crate - 75 pence each

Pack of 50 - (£1 each apron)

Pack of 10 - £18 per pair

Pack of 8 - £7.50 each

Available as a job lot in a pallet or 50 shirts for £50

Pack of 50 -  (£1.50 each)

Pack of 100 - (£1.00 each)

Bunk bed pair - £200

Pack of 25 - (£1.75 each)

100 shirts - in a sack

Latest Deals

Pack of 5 – £8 per coat

Pack of 10 – £4 per pair

Fur-trimmed British camo parka – £35 each

Pack of 5 – £15 per parka

About GI Surplus

GI Surplus is the trading name for Lagenfeld Limited. 

Our products are acquired from British and European governments who dispose of their unwanted clothing, boots and other kit from their military, security and other similarly equipped departments. 

We sell wholesale to anyone placing an order for goods worth £300 before VAT and shipping is added. We can send boxes, pallets and parcels around the world. This web site will display costs for sending orders if a delivery address is supplied.

Free shipping for orders over £1000 plus VAT is available only to England, Wales and Scottish Lowlands. The Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland and Eire will incur delivery charge of 50% of cost. This also applies to the Isles of Scilly, Isle of Man and Isle of Wight.

All other countries are delivered at cost. Countries not displayed in the delivery options at Checkout are not there for reasons of security, possible hostility, or because of access or practicality.

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